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After about a month of developing my portfolio website into a Rails web application, I am finally ready to start blogging. So, without further ado, let's get down to what it took for me to build this baby.

First of all, this application is developed with ruby on rails on the backend and Bootstrap 4 on the front end. I went with a design ui kit by Creative Tim (they have a lot of cool designs). I utilized several ruby gems, including rails_admin and I am using CKeditor as my wysiwyg text editor. The contact form is powered by SendGrid. Instead of dealing with maintaining multiple users authentication and building out a comments model, I decided to go with disqus to handle comments for my blog posts. 









With rails_admin, I styled my admin panel to match the colors from the frontend. My photos are uploaded via carrierwave and are stored on Google Cloud Storage. Google Cloud Storage is pretty easy to work with as an alternative to AWS S3 and even the gif above is being rendered from CGS. I can sign in and add/remove projects, blog posts, and tags. So, I can easly manage my enitre portfolio from my admin dashboard apart from changing the design. That is done via my c9 IDE workspace. 

For the readers who have no idea what that means, c9 is an integrated development environment. Basically, I write, test/debug, and deploy all of my code through an internet software application instead of locally on my own computer. So, all of the development takes place within my Google Chrome browser. See Below.

This blog will cover several different topics ranging from programming and tech, to pets, health and fitness...whatever I feel like discussing and I am open to suggestions. So, please ask shoot me a suggestion. Thank you very much for stopping by. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a message and I will respond promptly. Also, please leave a comment below. I appreciate the feedback.

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